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The International Competition “Faenza Prize” is one of the most important competitions in the world in the field of contemporary ceramic art. Established for the first time in 1938 as a national event, it was extended to the international context in 1963. Arranged annually, except in the years of the Second World War, it has become biennial since 1989 and, up to now, has welcomed thousands of Italian and foreign artists.

The Section devoted to Artists and Works provides direct access to all the information relating to the last fifteen editions of the event since 1989: the artists who have participated in the Faenza Prize, the countries from which they come, the works selected and their images, the techniques and materials used, the prizes awarded and the relevant winners.

The several search keys allow users to navigate through the editions, the participating artists, the works submitted, starting from separate searches by artist or work.

In the near future, the repertoire will be enriched with data relating to editions preceding 1989.

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