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It is possible to search for artists who have participated over the years in the different editions of the Competition by: surname (of birth, first name, name of art, other surname (surname different from that of birth including that of a married person), edition of the Competition, and finally State/Country for which the artist is competing, which may be different from that of birth or residence.
The results of the search are listed in alphabetical order by surname.
The editions in which any artist has participated, individually or in association with others, are displayed. For each of them, it is possible to visualize the works that have been chosen for the selection of the second level with the attribution of the prizes. If none of the works submitted has passed the first-degree selection, only the participation edition will appear.

Artists: 3961

Zegerman Vera

Zeitlhofer Christa

Zejak Veljko

Železný Adam

Zeller Florent

Zemsky Dena

Zen Antonio

Zerafa Maggie

Zerling Swetlana

Zhang Rui

Zhao Meng

Zhao Xin

Zhen Zhen Chen

Zheutlin Dale

Zhou yaqing

Zhu Binji

Zhu Juncheng

Zichele Gian Filippo

Zielinska Aleksandra

Zilio Angelo

Zimany Valerie

Zimmermann Anna

Ziolkowski Grazyna

Zitti Vittorio

Zotta Silvia

Zuban Nataliya

Żuławska Anna Klementyna

Zuo Houxinyi

Zworska-Story Agata

Zyga Marek

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