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The research is limited to works that have been chosen for the selection of second level with the awarding of prizes.
By typing one or more words in the title field, the files of the works in which the term(s) appear are found, either in the title or in the description of the work.
The search fields “artist, group, edition” allow users to select the items in the respective fields of the repertoire.
The field Material and technique allows you to select one or more items from the drop-down menu and find works that simultaneously meet the search criteria.
By nationality we mean the State/Country for which an artist is competing, which may not coincide with that of birth or residence.
In the search results, arranged alphabetically by title of the work, the name of the artist also appears. By selecting the art work, the respective files are visualized.
The files of the works contain the information of the application form, in the language in which the application was completed.
To carry out research on works that have participated in the first level selection, it is necessary to contact the Management of the MIC for a specific authorization.

Works: 4180

Work: Wave
Work: Way out
Work: Weerong
Artist: Bynens Lieve
Work: Well
Work: Wearhouse
Artist: Wang Lily
Artist: Iyoda Hiromi
Work: Where?
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