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Artista : Weisz Helen



Altezza (cm): 96,52

Larghezza (cm): 137,16

Materia e tecnica: low fired colored clay tiles mounted on plywood backboard

Tecnica: The pieces are made from low fired colored clays. The clay and tiles are made by hand, textured, distorted and then fired to cone 06. Tiles are arranged, sanded and affixed with tile adhesive to a backboard of Luan plywood. The backboard is painted with a color compatible with the color of the tile. The pieces hang on the wall in the same way a painting would be installed. Every piece has fold-away handles for ease in hanging.

Stato di conservazione dell'Opera: restituita

My work involves a variety of interest and concerns. I use earth pigments to create images and patterns reminescent of designs used in quilts and woven fabric. In many of the pieces I utilize the colorful and textural landscape qualities found in the American Southwest. Some of the pieces incorporate references to architecture or, at times, to an expanded view of aerial landscape. Because of the slightly raised surfaces of each tile I consider the work to be base relief painting or clay tapestry. The quiet, velety landscape quality of the pieces create the warm and endless elusiveness we all experience in nature.

These site specific and generla architectural wall installations are designed for interior environments. Pieces are durable and maintenance-free. A broad palette of ceramic stains provide soft matte, light-absorbing surface.

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