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Porcelain China. Black and white object

Artist : Everaet Mieke



Height (cm): 17

Diameter (cm): 25

Material: porcelain

Technique: hand built, high firing 1280 °C

Notes: Medaglia Presidente Repubblica insieme a 'Composition'

Work Status: restituita


Other awards

Prize of the Presidency of the Republic


Objects are made of thin stripes of coloured porcelain clay and applies them into a layer of porcelain slip in a mould, according to the so called meriage-inlay technique. The bowls created in this manner are of a simple, classic and timeless shape. At the same time they attract attention by the graphic ornament of the surface into many delicate colours. This blending of shapes and colours suggest esotic influences or inspiration by nature of modern painting. When carefully placed, the bowels capture and diffuse light generously through their thin, trasparrent walls. They are not glazed but moulded and polished.

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