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What About Us

Artist : Brugman Helmie



Height (cm): 120

Width (cm): 270

Depth (cm): 240

Weight (kg): 86

Material: The black stoneware is fired on 1200 degree. Installation consists of 5 ceramic sculpture, 3 wooden stands and pieces of the mold/ mixed media area 240x260x120 cm The weight of each sculpture is about 15/20 kg in total weight is : 15+20+18+15+18= 86 kg

Technique: A plaster mold of an "ideal boy" makes it possible in a short time series of "Ceramics Davids", each with its own identity and vulnerability. Precisely in its material concreteness the statue moves us and poses existentially questions, but at the same it questions the idealization and the make ability of our existence.

Notes: I am up 35 but I cann't change the botten

Year of completion: 2019

The installation: What about Us 2019 consists of 5 ceramic sculptures, 3 wooden stands and pieces of the mold.

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