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Where are the manuals?

Artist : Brkic Walter Iva



Height (cm): 55

Width (cm): 60

Depth (cm): 3

Weight (kg): 1

Material: Porcelain with gold platted details.

Technique: Hand built objects and pocelain dust gotten by dipping organic materials (plants) in liquid porcelain, and after fired and glazed.

Year of completion: 2019

Through this work I am dealing with daily rituals which we accept without questioning in order to be healthy and beautiful. There are so many rules, supplements, additives, medicine, diets, special techniques, do’s and don’ts, restrictions and “suggestions” that we blindly obey. We are lost in this race and we are surrounded with stuff we don’t need, blinded by potential attractiveness we might have. Focus is on how we eat, not what we eat, and this has gone too far.

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