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White moon rising

Artist : Borgenicht Ruth



Height (cm): 57

Width (cm): 48

Depth (cm): 4

Material: porcelain

Technique: slip-cast

Work Status: restituita


slip cast


Worn under medieval armor, chain mail is made of tiny interlocking metal rings designed to protect a body in motion. I use the chain mail pattern and other woven patterns to create work that conjures up a sense of permanence and concealment. Visually stone-like, the pieces appear strong and impenetrable, belying their inherent fragility.

“White moon rising” came about after a trip to the beach and looking through some old Milton Aveery catalogues. The beach houses facing the ocean had no curtains on their windows therefore I set out to create curtains, with ruffles on the bottom, that captured the outside landscape. Avery’s beach painting served as inspiration for the colors in this series.

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